Thursday, June 26, 2008

UP UP UP DATE!!!!!!!!!

hello friends ..i noticed some new posts and i thought i would finally make one. Ive been working on an Acrylic painting. I hate acrylics. My room is not well ventilated enough to use oils, so i thought id give them a shot. I still hate them.

Blurry (sorry)process pics. still unfinished.
the painting is 2x3 feet. im posting this on no sleep. HAha!

Its heavily based on a screen print i did this past winter.


Phil Ashworth said...

Hey Dude!!! I really like the changes you made with the faces in the acrylic painting. The "O" face is perfect.

Jake Sproul said...

Hey Chuck,

The rolls of skin falling over the guy's hand make me want to vomit..... good work.